The annual ownCloud conference will happen for the 7th time. We are expecting 200 attendees from all over the world to join us for four days of conference, hacking and learning from the best in the field.

The ownCloud Conference is the place to be for ownCloud administrators and developers and those who want to become them. It will have interactive workshops, talks on interesting use cases and discussions on the future of the platform.

The oCCon2019 is held at TH Nürnberg from September, 17th – 20th.

The audience will range from hobby code enthusiasts over many developers, designers and other creatives, to experienced ownCloud administrators, web activists and free software supporters, interested users, politicians and deciders.

Outlines of the program


  • Start of the conference and welcome by ownCloud COO Holger Dyroff and CTO Felix Böhm
  • Presentation of the technological vision for ownCloud
  • Introduction to objectives and further developments in the projects architecture and modules


  • Keynote and talks on the on the future of the open source stack (See our speakers)
  • Free ownCloud Administration Trainings


  • Talks from ownCloud enthusiasts (See our speakers)
  • In the evening: the famous #OCCON after show party


  • Workshops
  • Wrap up


This years topics include:


Best Practices in ownCloud Deployments

Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Windows Network Drive, ADFS, ownCloud Phoenix and modularization efforts

Government and Compliance
Tweaking ownCloud and optimizations around ownCloud

Only Office and Collabora integrations in ownCloud
Automating and Scaling ownCloud

DevOps culture

Recap 2018

See this recap of last years’ ownCloud conference.

ownCloud conference 2018
ownCloud conference 2018
ownCloud conference 2018
ownCloud conference 2018
ownCloud conference 2018