About this event

The annual ownCloud conference will happen for the 7th time. We are expecting 200 attendees from all over the world to join us for four days of conference, hacking and learning from the best in the field.

20 Speakers
149 Tickets


Who will speak to you?


Michael Stingl

Product Owner Client Development, ownCloud GmbH

Michael Neuwert

Neuwert Media GmbH

ownCloud Conference John Kawohl

Jonathan Kawohl

Project Office, ownCloud GmbH

ownCloud COO Holger Dyroff

Holger Dyroff

COO, ownCloud GmbH


Flashback 2018

The ownCloud Conference 2018 was a great success with many exciting topics. Over 200 ownCloud enthusiasts from all over the world attended the four-day conference to share their knowledge. (click the image)


Who makes this awesome event possible


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Event venue

  • TH Nürnberg Bahnhofstraße 90 90402 Nürnberg
  • conference@owncloud.com


Save your ticket now and become a part of the ownCloud open source universe. The conference is free to attend but registering is needed to help us planning. If you are interested in supporting the conference we offer various sponsorship packets from micro sponsorings (= buying a ticket) to gold sponsorings.

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